Sundeep Grewal

Client-Centered Approach

Sundeep Grewal has represented clients at both Supreme and Provincial levels of court. He has successfully advocated for his clients on a wide range of matters from Chambers applications to contentious trials.  Sundeep has significant experience working both with opposing counsel and unrepresented opposing parties and understands that each types of case requires a different approach.  As an advocate for his clients, Sundeep believes in laying the foundation for a successful result begins far before entering a courtroom.  That is why each and every case begins with establishing a deep understanding of his client’s background and concerns.  This understanding is combined with skillful legal research and preparation specific to the particular case of any given client.  With this information in hand, the goal is to always seek out solutions which are practical, efficient and cost effective.

Communication Is Key

Sundeep believes that communication is key to a successful outcome in any family law case.  Open lines of communication allow for the use of detailed information necessary for effective advocacy.  Just as important, open lines of communication help ensure clients can make truly informed decisions because they actually have an understanding of the confusing world of legal procedure.  Sundeep also prides himself on conveying a continuing risk assessment strategy to his clients as circumstances change during the life of a file. This helps ensure that the best possible result is achieved in the most efficient manner.

A Return To His Roots

Sundeep obtained his Juris Doctorate in law at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon.  Sundeep’s love for the community in which he was born and raised saw him return to the Fraser Valley as a summer law student at DD Law Group.  He enjoyed the mentorship, culture and experience at DD Law Group which led to his return as an articling student and then to an associateship.  The rest as they say – is history.  Sundeep continues to be proud of his Fraser Valley roots and relishes the opportunity to serve the community to which he owes so much.  Sundeep spends his spare time reading history, staying active in the gym and exploring different ethnic cuisines.  He is a fluent speaker of Punjabi.

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