Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is an amazingly complex column of nerves protected by a myelin sheath and 31 vertebrae.  The spinal cord is the body’s information highway that sends information from the brain to control all aspects of the body.  Spinal cord injuries can be divided into two broad categories – incomplete and complete.  The physical consequences of an incomplete injury vary depending on the extent of injury.  A complete injury, however, means that the spinal cord is completely severed which eliminates related functions.  Unlike a brain injury, those suffering a spinal cord injury will almost always know that they are injured.  Prognosis from a spinal cord injury can vary from miraculous recovery within months to years of physical therapy with no progress.  Our job is to help ensure the best possible legal and medical outcome regardless of the nature of your spinal cord injury.  The ultimate goal of our team of lawyers and network of healthcare professionals is to provide you with an outcome that most closely resembles the life you previously enjoyed.

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