Slip and Falls

Slipping and falling may not seem like a big deal but it certainly can be.  Common injuries resulting from a slip and fall can range all the way from broken bones, torn ligaments, neck and back injuries to more serious head and spinal cord injuries.  The government, private businesses and homeowners all have an obligation to ensure their premises are safe for use by the public.  You should not have to suffer financial loss and unnecessary pain and suffering when these duties are neglected by slippery conditions, inadequate lighting, inadequate maintenance or various other factors.  Although a slip and fall sounds simple, determining liability in these cases can actually be quite complicated to argue and win.  We know the questions to ask about your slip and fall incident and will often take the time to visit the scene in order to help build your case.  We also work with a professional network of healthcare specialists who will ensure your injury is properly assessed.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a slip and fall, it is vitally important that you understand what you are entitled to for your healthcare and financial needs both during the claim process and at the conclusion of your claim.  We take the time to not only understand your case but also to get to know you in order to ensure you the best possible results.  We are also prepared to meet you at a place and time convenient to you should the injury resulting from your slip and fall restrict your mobility.

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