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We are not divorce lawyers – we are family lawyers.  That means we are in the business of proactively determining what the best possible solution is for your particular needs rather than being a one size fits all divorce mill.  We understand that the end of any relationship is difficult.  However, it also represents an important opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful new chapter in life.  This is because decisions that you make during this process will have long lasting repercussions for your family and future financial health.  We are focused on finding the most amicable solution possible using negotiation, mediation or arbitration in order to save you considerable time, money and stress.  But we also recognize it takes two to tango.  And if the opposing side does not share our rational philosophy, we have the experience and tenacity to achieve your goals through the courts.  Whether it is an uncontested divorce or complicated and contentious litigation or even if there is a desire to save your relationship – we will find the right path for you.

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