Samantha Urano

Experienced Family Lawyer

Samantha Urano practices in the areas of family law and child protection law. She has represented clients successfully at both Supreme and Provincial levels of court.  Samantha’s calm, compassionate and positive approach is a tremendous asset when it comes to achieving cooperative resolutions in the most challenging of circumstances.  However, when common ground cannot be reached, Samantha is also a resolute fighter for her clients in court – especially in the face of obvious unfairness or injustice.

Samantha takes great pride in her ability to formulate and utilize creative approaches to legal strategies in order to ensure they work for the individual circumstances of each unique client.  When applying those strategies for out-of-court dispute resolutions and before the courts, Samantha is detailed in her research and case preparation as well as articulate and logical in the presentation of her clients’ cases.

Samantha joined DD Law Group in 2017.  Prior to that, she completed her articles with the Legal Services Society of British Columbia.  She obtained her Juris Doctor in 2015 from the University of British Columbia, with a specialization in Aboriginal Law. While at UBC, Samantha completed the clinical program with the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, providing legal advice to her clients on family, criminal, and various other legal matters.  Before turning to a career in law, Samantha completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) in 2010, and worked as a journalist in the USA and locally.

Adaptive Approaches

As a mother, Samantha understands the importance of healthy family relationships.  She also recognizes that it can be stressful and emotional for all family members involved when these relationships begin to break down.  When difficult circumstances arise, Samantha is there to help you navigate the legal system to achieve the best outcomes for you and your children.  Samantha takes the time to learn your personal story.  As a former journalist, she has the skills to convey your narrative in a compelling way to advance your legal case.

Samantha believes that settling disputes outside of court is often a better approach than litigating matters in trial.  As a result, she generally first seeks ways to work collaboratively to achieve an out-of-court resolution.  The benefits of this approach include greater control over the process and the final outcome.  Further, reducing conflict can lead to considerable savings in time and expense.  However, when a collaborative result cannot be reached, Samantha is more than prepared to obtain the best possible outcome for clients in court.  Where a child is involved, Samantha prioritizes finding resolutions that are in the best interests of the child.

Outside the Law

Samantha is Métis, with Manitoba roots.  She grew up in the Fraser Valley and enjoys living in Abbotsford, where she is an active member of her church community.  Samantha especially appreciates the wonderful outdoor activities available in the Fraser Valley and enjoys taking her husband, daughter and extended family with her to share in her love of the great outdoors.



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