Rob Dhanu

Former Crown Prosecutor

Rob Dhanu began his legal career working as a Crown prosecutor for the Department of Justice in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.  During this time, Rob attained an invaluable understanding of the inner workings of the Crown prosecutor’s office and the criminal justice system as a whole.  As a Federal prosecutor, Rob gained tremendous experience dealing with all manner of drug and firearms charges.  These files required a thorough understanding of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with particular emphasis on the laws of search and seizure as well as search warrants.  Rob also prosecuted all types of Criminal Code offences in Yukon ranging from motor vehicle offences, property crimes, crimes of violence, crimes of a sexual nature, robbery and more.  During his time at the Crown office, Rob was also the designated Vancouver lead in charge of any offences contrary to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  As a Crown prosecutor, Rob prided himself on a compassionate yet dedicated approach.  In fact, some of the individuals that Rob prosecuted would later go on to retain his services as a defence attorney when he shifted careers.  They knew that Rob would put his compassion and dedication to good effect in their defence.

Representing Your Interests

Rob tendered his resignation at the Crown prosecutor’s office in order to use his skill set to defend individuals pitted against the enormous power of the state.  Since that time, Rob has worked tirelessly to defend his clients against all types of charges ranging from complicated drug conspiracies involving wiretap authorizations to allegations of simple assault and most everything in between.  Rob has had success at all levels of court including the British Columbia Court of Appeal as well as in the Province of Alberta.  Rob has proven courtroom experience dealing with all types of Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Customs Act and Motor Vehicle Act charges.  He is past president of the Fraser Valley Criminal Law Association, a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia, Criminal Defence Advocacy Society and South Asian Bar Association.  Rob has taught and presented on numerous legal topics including for the RCMP, Justice Institute and the Canadian Senate.  As a defence attorney, Rob takes great pride in not only understanding the legal issues but also the real life issues of his clients.  Rob has helped clients dealing with substance abuse, mental health, and other complicated personal issues successfully navigate the criminal justice system.  Rob is particularly passionate about defending the wrongfully accused and those who are actively seeking to change their lives for the better.

Outside the Law

Rob grew up in a blue collar family with roots in the farming and forestry industries.  He is an avid runner and enjoys running marathons and half-marathons both in Canada and the United States.  When not running, Rob turns to wrenching on or riding his motorcycles for some rest and relaxation.  Above all, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and children who put up with his boisterous support for the Vancouver Canucks and Seattle Seahawks.

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