Traditionally, families did not always turn to impassive arbiters in the form of courts to dictate what the terms of their separation and future life would be.  These matters were resolved within families, often with elders respected by both sides guiding and offering their advice and opinion on how matters could be best resolved.  Separation and the break up of a family unit is a deeply personal and traumatic time.  You can place your fate in the hands of unknown judge.  Or you can take control of your destiny by dealing with each other face to face under the guidance of a mutually respected family mediator or arbitrator.  We are great believers in employing progressive alternative dispute resolution mechanisms whenever possible.  This is a more informal process that can cut down on time and cost, afford greater privacy, offer greater control, reduce negative impact on children and facilitate greater healing and understanding.  In the right situations, it pays to look at the past in order to plan for the future.

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