Kidnapping/Unlawful Confinement/Home Invasion

These are serious matters for which Crown will seek jail terms generally ranging from 3 to 8 plus years.  This range of sentence may be adjusted depending on whether the accused employed weapons, had their face masked or inflicted violence among other factors.  Home invasion is not a criminal charge per se but refers to a set of circumstances in which an occupied residence is broken into with criminal intent.  The credibility and reliability of the complainants in these matters is often at issue as is the identity of the accused and their actual role in the alleged events.  We have dealt with numerous files involving these types of circumstances and take care to devise the best possible trial strategy.  Each case is unique and requires a different approach whether that be the quickest possible trial in Provincial Court or more prolonged proceedings where we first engage in a Preliminary Inquiry to thoroughly test the Crown’s case prior to trial in Supreme Court.

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