Farzhana (Roopa) Jhuty

Experienced Trial Lawyer

Farzhana (Roopa) Jhuty represents clients at both Provincial and Supreme levels of court including for appeal matters.  She is a seasoned trial lawyer who has appeared before Masters, Judges, and Justices on every manner of application and hearing.  Roopa has extensive knowledge of family law legislation, the Rules of Court, applicable case law and what works in court and what does not.  Roopa prides herself on her ability to relate to her clients in order to truly understand their problems.  She is a firm believer that there is a unique personal story behind each family law case and she is adept at bringing that narrative to life in order to be the most effective possible advocate for her clients.  As your lawyer, Roopa is prepared to think outside the box and push boundaries when necessary in order to achieve the most desired result.


Roopa firmly believes that family and healthy relationships are the building blocks to a solid and fulfilling personal foundation.  Unfortunately, that personal foundation begins to crack and buckle when relationships break down.  It is during this difficult time that our judgment can be most clouded with emotions ranging from despair to anger.  And it is also at this pivotal juncture that an experienced lawyer who truly understands people can provide effective legal guidance and much needed real life support.

Roopa understands that the client is the most important aspect of any file.  That is why she begins by taking the time to get to know you and to understand the history of your relationship. 
Roopa’s initial approach to most family law disputes is to explore any opportunity to work collaboratively towards an out-of-court resolution.  This results in reduced stress, conflict, time and expense.  At the same time, it greatly increases the level of control over the ultimate outcome.  Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved amicably through a collaborative approach.  That is when Roopa’s extensive experience as a trial lawyer comes into play to give you the edge required to achieve the result you want.

Outside the Law

Roopa was raised in Calgary but fell in love with the beauty of British Columbia having spent most of her summers visiting the west coast.  She moved to B.C. in 2013 in order to establish a family law practice and has never looked back.  Roopa recharges her batteries for her next case by immersing herself in meditation, yoga and the natural wonders of her adopted province.  When she is not in the court room, you can find Roopa at the Sea Wall, hiking, or enjoying time with family and friends.

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