Commercial And Civil Litigation

Our firm’s origins as a boutique litigation practice means litigating and advocating on your behalf is the lifeblood of what we do.  Many civil and commercial litigators rarely see the inside of a courtroom.  Meanwhile, we are in the trenches of court representing the best interests of our clients almost every single week.  We have a deep understanding and familiarity with the Rules of Court and the laws of evidence which gives us a tactical advantage in arguing your case.  Our eyes are also always on the end goal because we understand that litigation can be costly, disruptive and stressful for you or your business.  That is why real life legal solutions means offering frank legal and common sense advice specific to your particular case in order to ensure the most cost efficient and risk effective strategy possible.  And if it doesn’t make sense to litigate – real life legal solutions means being frank with you about that too.  That is when we put our skills in negotiation and significant experience in mediation and arbitration to work for you.  We can be your lifeline for civil or commercial litigation of any size and level of complexity.

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The old adage that knowledge is power is just as true today as it ever was. Join us on our journey to be informed about the law, to think critically and to question everything. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for informative and entertaining daily legal and local updates.

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We live within an intricate web of laws that mold our behaviour and impact our lives each and every day.  Read on for breaking and significant legal news you should know about.

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We meticulously follow trends and updates in the law so you don’t have to.  Read on for the latest and greatest legal decisions from across Canada.

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We have an opinion about most everything.  Read on to learn and to be entertained by whatever legal or life issue tickles our fancy.

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