Important Update for Permanent and Temporary Residents – Drinking and Driving Could Lead to Deportation

New impaired driving penalties will take effect on December 18th which will increase the maximum penalty for these offences to 10 years from 5. 

Attorney General of Canada Sued by Confidential Informant After Identity Mistakenly Revealed

Informants expecting to have their confidentiality honoured by law enforcement should be aware that mistakes can be made that have life threatening consequences.

Local Abbotsford Mother Fights to Have Children Returned from Lebanon

If there is any risk of your children being removed from Canada without your consent during separation or divorce, it is vitally important to know the laws of your spouse’s homeland and whether his or her country of origin is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

New Chief Judge Appointed to Provincial Court of British Columbia

Congratulations on the appointment of our new Chief Judge - the Honourable Melissa Gillespie. 

Nearly Half of All Lawyers in B.C. Who Do Legal Aid Work Unite to Create the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers

Our democracy is based on the rule of law. Undermining our system of justice is no different than ignoring a serious illness - the symptoms will spread until they are incurable.

What You Need to Know About the Legalization of Marijuana

Laws regarding the legalization of marijuana vary from province to province.  In British Columbia, the legal age to buy and use marijuana is 19. 

Government Moves to End Solitary Confinement in Prisons

It must be understood that treating humans worse than animals does nothing to make prisons or society safer. 

Supreme Court of Canada Rules that Ottawa Does Not Have to Consult with Indigenous People Before Drafting Laws

First Nations groups will not be happy that a line has been drawn in the sand concerning the duty of government to consult with them about legislation that may impact their constitutionally protected indigenous and treaty rights. 

British Columbia Government Appoints Four New Provincial Court Judges

An excellent round of appointments to the provincial bench by Attorney General David Eby. Congratulations to our new judges and to all British Columbians.

The Current Process for Trying Members of Canada’s Armed Forces Violates Their Constitutional Rights

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to be tried by a jury of one’s peers for any crime involving a maximum sentence of 5 years or more except for cases involving military law tried by a military tribunal. 

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