Real Life Legal Solutions

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When life intersects with the law, we roll up our sleeves and get to work getting to know you.

We excel at the law but we are in the people business first. By understanding your real life we are able to devise the most effective strategy at an early stage that works for you. This ensures you the best possible result at the best possible cost. Our experience has taught us that understanding your real life can make all the difference in your legal case. And solving your legal case is going to help you in your real life.  Real life legal solutions – it’s what we do.

size matters

Not so big that you will get lost in the shuffle. Not so small that we don’t have the necessary resources or expertise. The perfect size to get to know you and find innovative solutions for your legal matter.

Advantages of

We wanted more from the law and so should you. That’s why we created a law firm with a real life approach formulated to bring you the best possible results with the least amount of stress and expense. Welcome to a powerful client-centred philosophy that turns our passion for people into advantages for you.

Wide Range of Expertise

We understand that legal issues in one area of the law can quickly spill over into other legal arenas. You need to know if admitting civil liability could assist a criminal prosecution or if your criminal case could lead to civil, family or immigration repercussions. Real life legal solutions means having access to lawyers under one roof with experience in a wide range of legal fields. That means no running around trying to find the right lawyers to answer your questions when you are most stressed and can least afford it. Whatever your legal issue, chances are we have a lawyer just down the hall who can provide the right advice which saves you time, money and stress.

Top Level Experience

Before joining DD Law Group, our lawyers were employed by big government, big corporations and big downtown law firms.  We have dealt with everything from large scale civil litigation and complicated divorce settlements to sophisticated drug conspiracies and high stakes immigration board hearings.  Real life legal solutions means having the experience to identify the correct legal issues, to develop a legal strategy on the front end and to see that strategy through.  Actually having a game plan from the outset that you understand means less stress, greater efficiency and reduced cost.  And if you are not completely satisfied with a result, we have the experience to appeal your case to the highest levels of court.

Client-Centered Approach

Lawyers traditionally focus on legal issues rather than the individuals behind them. We firmly believe that your story is a powerful tool that can define the narrative of a case and help you achieve the best possible legal result. We not only want to know your story, we want to help you shape where it leads. Real life legal solutions means working hard to identify and deal with the reasons your life intersected with the law in the first place. Where appropriate, we will work to address these real life issues through our trusted network of counsellors, doctors and other professionals. This allows us to build a powerful narrative to advocate on your behalf.  At the same time, it allows for the possibility to effect powerful and positive change in your real life.

Professional Network

Legal cases are not just won by lawyers. They often require doctors, counsellors, health care workers, private detectives and other professionals with specialized knowledge. We rely upon a trusted network of professionals who not only have the ability to help you in your real life but who can also turn what appears to be a losing case into a winning one. Real life legal solutions means that you won’t be on your own when it comes to securing appropriate and quality professional help both for you and your legal matter.


We pride ourselves on a legal team that treat one another like an extended family rather than mere work colleagues.  We want you to share in the unique culture we have developed.  Real life legal solutions means dealing with a firm whose lines of communication are always open when a question or issue arises.  We always endeavour to ensure you are not left in the dark or feeling alone when urgent matters require our attention.  This atmosphere of openness is why the relationships we forge with our clients often continue long after a file is closed.

Flexible Payment Structure

We understand that legal cases often arise unexpectedly and lead to unanticipated expense.  This can be a significant stress piled upon the already stressful nature of your legal matter.  Real life legal solutions means offering a variety of fee structures, payment plans and competitive rates that work for you.



"I met Rob when a family member required legal help.  I have found Rob to be an excellent lawyer over the years and have referred other clients to him.  It is difficult when someone is charged with a crime or having legal difficulties and Rob's professional, calm and clear approach is very much appreciated.  Having worked with lawyers over the years, I am grateful to have found a real professional in tough situations who demonstrates intelligence, is sharp and really cares for his clients.  Rob maintains kindness and compassion for others while still being an exceptional lawyer in the law.  He really fights for his client's rights.  I recommend him without hesitation."

~ LR

"I highly recommend Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group. Rob Dhanu has been my lawyer for many years and I have always been treated with respect. I was always given great advice and I always felt as if Rob was going above and beyond to fight for me. After a 2.5 year battle with the court system, Rob was able to get me the best possible outcome. I have had nothing but great experiences with Rob and the staff at Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group and would recommend them to everyone."


"Rebecca's communication skills are amazing! I was always kept up to date on my file, she is very easy to talk to as well as extremely smart. If I am ever in trouble again I would hire her in a pinch! It was my honour to have known her."

~Joyce A.

"Rob and his team did an absolutely amazing job representing me! For three years we were in and out of court dates and trials. The whole time Rob made sure we stayed in contact and I was given reminders of court dates and hearings. Finally, when my trial day came I couldn't believe the amount of work they did on my case. Honestly watching Rob during trial is an impressive sight, its easy to see why this legal team has the reputation they do!


I would recommend using Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group, I know I will be using his services again if needed."



"I had a great experience working with Rebecca during a really difficult time. Her communication skills, follow up, advice and kindness was much appreciated. At the end of my file, everything I had hoped for was accomplished and worked out in my favour. I would highly recommend Rebecca Gill as your criminal lawyer!"

~Christine G.

"Uphar is a fantastic lawyer. She is compassionate, competent and has incredible character.  Family law matters can be extremely complex and emotional.  I find that Uphar has the ability to provide you with exceptional guidance and solid advice that will help you find the right path.  She is incredibly thorough, responsive and diligent.  She truly cares about her clients and the work that she does.  Uphar practices law wholeheartedly and this is what makes her so special.  I would highly recommend Uphar and her team for any family law matters that you may have."


"Rob is a great lawyer who took the time to truly get to know me.  He is easy going, easy to talk to and has a natural ability to relate to people and get things done.  Rob has great court presence and was able to express what I was thinking and feeling which made me feel like my voice was truly heard.  Speaking to Rob has always been more like speaking to a friend than a lawyer.  I always refer Rob to anyone who needs a lawyer."

~ RH

"I have had Rob Dhanu as my lawyer for many years now and I would not have it any other way.  Rob made me a priority over his own personal life and would always make himself available when I most needed him.  DD Law Group not only gave me their 100% during my case, but they even provided guidance and support to me after my case was over.  I am now free from years of court battles and have a great career and 4 children who won't be worried about me leaving again.  It is so nice to have someone who really cares about my life and my family.  Thank-you for being there every single time."

~ HA

"I have been using Rob as my lawyer for well over a decade. Honestly, I don't think I can truly put into words how impeccable his professionalism has been throughout this time. His integrity is at such a high level you cannot help being inspired by it.  Rob has always made me feel like much more then a file number.  The effort he has always shown only convinces you more of the true passion and caring he has towards his clients and career.  Rob is someone I have recommended over and over during the years I have known him and I will continue to do so with full confidence that I am recommending one of the best."


"Rob Dhanu was there for my family during a really difficult time in our lives. My family suffered a devastating loss when my brother died unexpectedly in a highly unusual manner involving police. It left us shocked, sad, disbelieving, frustrated and confused. As with all deaths involving police, a Coroner’s Inquest was held. BC Civil Liberties connected us to Rob Dhanu. We felt very strongly that my brother’s voice needed to be represented in the court proceedings as he was not there to be heard..."

"At Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group I was represented in a way that exceeded all of my expectations. My opinions were always valued and I didn’t have any feeling of doubt as Rob Dhanu always properly evaluated and assessed my situation accordingly. He explained each step throughout the process and completely went above and beyond for me. He fought hard and the experience and outcome are more then I could have hoped for! I am appreciative and grateful for the team at Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group!"


"I can honestly say that Rob changed the course of my life.  Not only did he get me bail when I thought it was impossible, he exposed me to programs that put me on a totally different path than I was before.  It was not just Rob but also the other lawyers and staff at DD Law Group who were always professional and prompt in returning my calls.  Rob always gave me straight talk, good advice and the direction I needed in my life.  I am eternally grateful and would recommend Rob and DD Law Group to anyone for criminal or family law."

~ BA

"I want to thank Rebecca Gill for her support this past year for the duration of my case. She handled my case very professionally and took me from the worst-case scenario to the best case scenario. I highly recommend her services and those of Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Corp to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional law firm to help them navigate through their legal problems AND to achieve a favourable result!


I found Rebecca to be very personable and direct. She did a fantastic job of explaining the court process to me. She was very straightforward in describing where my case was going as well as where it was at the moment. She was also very accommodating to my personal situation.

I cannot thank her enough for her support and knowledge during this difficult time in my life!"

~ AK

"I would highly recommend Dhanu Dhaliwal Law Group.  Rebecca Gill was my sister’s lawyer for almost 1.5 years.  Rebecca was extremely patient and understanding of my sister’s unique situation.  My sister has an intellectual disability and needed a great deal of extra support to navigate her legal concerns.  Rebecca worked tirelessly on my sister’s behalf to ensure the best possible outcome for her.  As her legal representative, Rebecca always consulted and kept me informed of any developments.  I was so impressed how diligently Rebecca worked to help my sister and ultimately negotiate a successful end to my sister’s legal issues.  I was particularly impressed with the amount of time, dedication and compassion extended to my sister and family.  I do hope that my sister does not have a need for a lawyer in the future, but if she does I would definitely want Rebecca Gill to again represent her."


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